An attorney, a blogger, and a songwriter walk into a bar. But what if they are all the same person?

OK, I promise that I do not perform stand-up comedy. But I do write songs, and on September 24th I will be performing a full evening of original music with my acoustic guitar and harmonicas. The show is at the Hard Hat Lounge located on 1675 S Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102. The bar has amazing BBQ courtesy of Cody’s Smokin’ BBQ as well as Black Butte Porter on draft. It also has a mural by famous artist Frank Bowers behind the bar. It’s a great little “dive” bar that has a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for live music. The show is free, I’ll start around 9pm and go until about 11pm.

I’ll be playing all originals but hope to sneak in a cover or two just to make things interesting. You can find some of my music here and here. If you have suggestions for covers you can comment here or @LawyerRussell. Hope to see everyone there!