It seems the national media has deemed the recent news about Lamar Odom newsworthy enough to devote coverage otherwise reserved for other members of the Kardashian family (why are they famous again?) or, more recently, Donald Trump. While my thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Odom and his family, frankly to Las Vegas residents this isn’t big news, as we are accustomed now to the rich and famous coming into our state, misbehaving, and then facing the tragic consequences of their actions.

I don’t know anything about Mr. Odom, and the purpose of this post isn’t to place any judgment other than to say it sounds like he has his demons and I hope he pulls through this tragedy and seeks help.

But after a cursory review of headlines from around this country, I would like to take this opportunity to clear up a few misconceptions that are being printed as “fact” and are, most likely, the result of more deep-seeded misconceptions and inaccuracies that are commonly propagated about Nevada and Las Vegas specifically.

First, there are no brothels in Las Vegas, and prostitution is illegal in Clark County.
Pursuant to NRS 244.345, if a county in Nevada has a population of less than 700,000, that county may allow licensed brothels to operate within its borders. This means that, despite what you may have heard or think you know, prostitution is completely illegal in Clark County, Washoe County, Douglas County, and Lincoln County. Las Vegas is located in Clark County, which is roughly the size of the State of New Jersey. It takes a very long time to get out of the County if you are driving out of Las Vegas, and you had better bring sunglasses and a gallon of water if you want to survive in the event of a flat tire.

Second, there are two places in Nevada named Crystal. I have seen media stories indicating that the brothel (whose name I refuse to mention in this article) is located in Crystal, Nevada. There are two places named Crystal, one is in Clark County just northeast of Las Vegas off of I-15. It is close to great sightseeing (and family friendly) locations such as Valley of Fire State Park and Roos-N-More Zoo. The other is an unincorporated area in Nye County, north of the City of Pahrump. This distinction can be gleaned from Wikipedia so there is no excuse for attributing your story to the wrong Crystal, NV.

Third, please do not state that this brothel is located in Las Vegas. Dear members of the media, when you say that this brothel is located in Las Vegas you are technically and legally incorrect and logically impaired. The location of Mr. Odom’s indescretion is an unincorporated area of Nye County north of the town of Pahrump. The town of Pahrump is at least an hours drive through the desert, and this unincorporated area is God knows how far north of that. You all have Google maps so figure it out. Saying this brothel is located in Las Vegas is like saying the Yankees play in Philadelphia. So, members of the media, please do your homework before you drag unincorporated Crystal’s garbage into our city.

Lastly, Las Vegas is a great city, regular people live and work here, and there is much more to the city than just a place for people to come and misbehave. Las Vegas residents are inundated with idiotic comments such as “people actually live here?” and “which casino do you live in?” Again, google is a great tool and google maps is a wealth of information. There are countless family friendly parks, movie theaters, churches, stores, natural wonders, and an incredible local art, music, and film scene. There is even a cathedral located right on Las Vegas Boulevard. (In case you are counting, Cathedrals in Las Vegas=1, brothels in Las Vegas=0). So to all members of the media who are too lazy to do their research before they perpetuate misconceptions about Las Vegas, please stop. Thank you.