There’s never a dull moment in Las Vegas. So much so that here is another update about events this week.

-This Friday marks the final Nashville Unplugged show at the Sunset Station Casino. I’ve attended and covered Nashville Unplugged shows in the past and they are lots of fun. This Friday’s show will feature NU founder and mainstay Aaron Benward along with Travis Howard, Danny Myrick, and Regie Hamm. These great songwriters have written hits for numerous country artists including Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Cory Murrow, and Rascal Flatts (among many others). According to  Regie Hamm’s bio he has been named the SESAC “songwriter of the year” 4 times. This event will no doubt be one you don’t want to miss, and according to an announcement on NU’s facebook page concertgoers can expect an update on the future of the show. Nashville Unplugged runs from 8-9:30 Club Madrid at the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson. Doors open at 7 and tickets are $5-$10.

-I erroneously stated in my last post that Cameron Calloway was “moving” to New York. My apologies, he is NOT moving to New York, but he is embarking on a tour to New York. Check out for more information and safe travels Cameron! If you’re in New York check him out!

-Last night on America’s Got Talent a dude from Las Vegas got shot in the neck with a flaming arrow, but apparently he is OK. Slow clap for you, Ryan Stock.

-Finally, Las Vegas Metro has arrested two suspects and recovered at least 600 roosters as part of an illegal rooster fighting ring in Las Vegas. Just a friendly reminder that cockfighting, in addition to being particularly socially unacceptable, is a felony on the first offense in the State of the Nevada. See NRS 574.070 or ask your local District Attorney for further details.