It has been reported that Bill Foley, the owner of the NHL’s new Las Vegas expansion team, is close to a name for the new team. According to Chris Creamer of Foley’s company has registered domain names related to three possible name choices: Reds Hawks, Desert Hawks and Nighthawks.

Based on Foley’s previous use of “Black Knights” in various entity names, and his strong sentiment for his alma mater of West Point, my money is on “Nighthawks”. Foley was even quoted as saying “the name is going to have … Knights somewhere in some fashion, some way”.

Indeed Nevada Secretary of State Business Entity Searches reveal that Bill Foley has registered businesses in the past named “Black Knight Sports and Entertainment Holdco LLC” and “Sign of the Dove Holding Company, LTD”, indicating his affinity for both the word “Knight” and, apparently, birds.

Based on the choices listed above, and Foley’s affinity for Knights and birds, my money is on “Nighthawks” or even “Knighthawks” (get it?). Personally I would like this name, as it has associations with an animal as well as the famous Las Vegas nightlife. I’m just not so sure about spelling it with a “K”, although at the end of the day I’m just happy we have a hockey team.