• The FAA recently attempted to tame the Wild West that is drone law by releasing Part 107 of the Federal Air Regulations governing commercial operations of small drones (sUAS). You can find all 624  pages here. As drone footage becomes more and more common it is imperative that filmmakers familiarize themselves with any and all applicable state and federal laws on the issue. More on this to come in an upcoming post. (h/t @dronelawdotcom)
  • According to the Hollywood Reporter over 212 musicians filed Amicus Briefs in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal of the infamous “Blurred Lines” copyright case, which is good because that was pretty much the worst copyright ruling in American history.
  • Tonight at 9pm at the Hard Hat Lounge, local musician Gregory Michael Davis is hosting a (hopefully regular) open mic. The Hard Hat is an awesome little venue and I have played many open mics and several gigs there. Anyone who enjoys open mics and is looking for a venue that supports emerging artists is highly recommended to attend. The Hard Hat was briefly home to a very popular open mic hosted by the Earthbound Collective, you can find a cool video clip of some of the performances here. You may recognize a certain singing lawyer in the crowd and onstage.
  • Speaking of which, you may also recognize a mustachioed individual in the above video as none other than local musician Andrew Hambone aka “The Rifleman”. He’ll be playing a KILLER show next Thursday, September 8th at Backstage Bar and Billiards along with an awesome local rock band Alex and His Meal Ticket and rockabilly legend Wayne “The Train” Hancock. More coverage to come next week, tickets can be purchased here.
  • This Friday is First Friday! Check out the artwalk at 1025 First Street from 5-11. First Friday is a fun way to experience the art, food, and music of Las Vegas and should be enjoyable now that the weather is cooling down. For more information check out https://ffflv.org/
  •  I may have spoke to soon by announcing the new NHL team will probably be the “Nighthawks”. According to Trademark filings it looks like Bill Foley may be leaning towards the “Desert Knights”, which of course is an utterly terrible name for a sports team (explain to me what a Desert Knight is without referencing the Crusades. Go.) But of course I’ll still cheer for them.

If I’ve missed anything or if someone knows something I don’t know feel free to hit me up in the comments, at vegasentertainmentlawyer@gmail.com, or on twitter @lawyerrussell  and now instagram