If you’ve checked out the blog instagram feed lately, you’ll notice that it’s mainly composed of band photos from Backstage Bar and Billiards (Triple B’s). The reason for this is simple-it has quickly and quietly become one of the best downtown venues to catch both nationally touring acts and great local artists. (The other being Bunkhouse Saloon).

Tonight is no exception, as rockabilly legend Wayne “The Train” Hancock brings his traveling road show to Fremont Street. On a personal level I’ve enjoyed Wayne’s music for years, and I remember when I first moved to Las Vegas the sublime experience of listening to his song Cold Lonesome Wind while driving across the midwest plains.

Opening the show for Wayne are two local artists I enjoy and am happy to support. The Rifleman is the project of Andrew Hambone and features an enjoyable blend of folk, punk and bluegrass.

Alex and His Meal Ticket is a great local band that plays a raw mix of bluesy punk. If you haven’t checked out the video for their hit Goin’ H.A.M., then I recommend you do so right now and turn it up LOUD. (Warning-not even remotely safe for work but that’s kind of the point.)

This is sure to be a concert to remember and if you’ve been looking to get out and check out some local music lately then this is a concert I would recommend. Doors open at 8 and tickets are between $12-$15, and you can purchase tickets here. Check it out!