As if you needed any reminders, today is election today and if you haven’t already you should go out and vote. Not only is the national race important but there are local positions, judicial candidates, and Ballot Questions which are all very important.

I generally avoid politics on this website and I’ll keep it that way other than to state that one of the local judicial races, Department 20 District Court Judge, features Anat Levy. Anat is the founder and former President of the Entertainment Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada, of which I am also a member and the current Treasurer. She has a wealth of experience as an entertainment attorney and it would be great to have a judge on the bench here in the “Entertainment Capital of the World” who has an understanding of Entertainment Law. I consider Anat a friend and a colleague and I’m not afraid to say I am voting for her. She did an excellent job as the President of the Entertainment Law Section and I think she would make an excellent judge. So good luck Anat!

That’s Anat Levy in the front right in the white dress. This photo was from the first ever Entertainment Law Section annual Holiday Party. You might recognize that guy in the top row third from the left.